Combination lock setting instructions

  1. Set the combination to 0000
  2. Pull release buttons to unlock your FlexLock
  3. Remove FlexLock cap from the end of the lock
  4. Rotate the ‘Set’ knob clockwise until it clicks
  5. Set your combination, avoiding easy pickings like 1234, etc.
  6. Jot your combination down - if you forget it, the
    only way to remove a FlexLock is with power tools.
  7. Rotate ‘Set’ knob counterclockwise to set your combination
  8. Replace the end cap (if desired.)

Operation Instructions

FlexLock features fast, 1-step operation - it travels open, so once you’re parked, just align and click the pin into the lock port, spin your dials, and your bike is safe from over 90% of theives!

Due to FlexLock’s unique, patented design, it might take a few uses before you get the hang of aligning the pin with the lock port, so there’s no need to bang or jam it - if the pin won’t click into the port with ease, just realign and try again. Once you get it, it’s a snap.

Please refer to the included ‘Setting Your Combination Lock’ instructions to set your own combo. And, please jot it down - there is no secret code that will open your FlexLock if you forget your combo.
There are only power tools.

Check out for FlexLock in-use videos.

Any questions, please contact us at

Thanks, again, for choosing FlexLock to protect your bicycle!